#THEBLACKFILES is the uncensored interview & review podcast of The Raven's Flock. Hosted by Juan Arauz, this program unlocks the closeted topics of the geek community, discussing the more polarizing and controversial subjects that others might shy away from. This program is unfiltered, uncompromising, and always ready to seek the truth!

The Raven's Flock is a show where our Motley Crew Of Nerds, led by Jose Casabona, Angel Mendez and Juan Arauz, get together to cover anime & geek culture conventions, interview guests and attendees, and tackle social issues relevant to the geek community! Combining our unique brand of comedy with our unapologetic attitude, The Raven's Flock strives to make YOUR VOICE OUR MISSION!


Get ready to jump into a Let's Play show unlike any other with "Los Amigos Play"! Join Angel Mendez and The Raven's Flock as we take you through video games across multiple consoles and throw in wild commentary and unsolicited opinions that you can't help but laugh with! Join in on the fun!