Thank you for being so patient with us! This year has not turned out as we expected, but that's life. Sometimes, you play the hand that's been dealt.

We've been making updates to the website for your convenience, as well as adding new features for you to be able to view all our content across all our social media outlets in one convenient location.

We will begin writing entries about the geek community, including social issues affecting us, video game news, movies & TV shows, and opinion pieces from members of the Flock, at the beginning of the new year.

We wanted to cover a lot more conventions this year, too. The Raven's Flock has always had very fond memories of connecting with fellow geeks, cosplayers, and nerds at places like MetroCon and Anime Festival Orlando, as well as giving you a platform to voice your concerns in the community. Much to our dismay though, this just wasn't in the cards.

Moving forward, we want to hear more from you, the people for whom we stand. We want to know what you want us to talk about, as well as what conventions you want us to go to! Let us know on whatever social media you find us on!

On the off-chance you need a reminder! YouTube




Much love to you all! -TRF

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