It Began With One Voice...

In 2007, JOSE CASABONA, a Florida-based musician and lover of geek culture, entered the cosplay world under his alias "Raven Star Cosplay".  In a matter of a few years, Jose was on his way to become one of the more promising cosplayers in the state.

In 2013, however, Jose began noticing something very wrong with the convention community he had grown to care for: everyone he knew began coming to him to discuss issues regarding the social structure of the community, issues many would acknowledge in private but wouldn't speak out against publicly.


When he started trying to find answers, Jose found himself at risk of being ostracized by the more vocal elements of the con community.  He was in a position to help his fellow cosplayers and con-goers by addressing serious issues, but he risked being labeled a "drama-monger" and an antagonist for his efforts.

Jose made his choice: he would speak out against the problems of the geek community, regardless of the personal risk.

It began with one voice in the dark, calling for positive change... now there are many.

Your Voice, Our Mission!

The Raven's Flock has grown into much more than just one person with an opinion. With multiple members and different perspectives, The Raven's Flock continues to strive to provide you a powerful blend of information and entertainment.

The goal of The Raven's Flock is to bring awareness to social issues and hot-button topics within the convention and geek community at large, creating an open dialogue so that we may begin searching for solutions to these issues together.  

We believe that the geek community, along with the conventions created to celebrate them, is meant to be a haven for social outcasts, a domain where we can be ourselves without fearing judgement and negativity.

If there is a problem out there, it won't go away on its own. The only way to solve it is to look it straight in the eyes and acknowledge it, no matter who might say otherwise.

The Raven's Flock strives to take these steps so we may all come together and keep our awesome little universe the haven of fun and acceptance it should be.


Angel Mendez


One of the original members of The Raven's Flock, ANGEL MENDEZ is an aspiring actor, voice actor and video game aficionado. He contributes to the Flock as our Lead Interviewer as well as hosting our Let's Play show "Los Amigos Play"

With a larger-than-life attitude and a healthy dose of occasional common sense, Angel has observed and participated in the convention scene for almost as long as Jose has. This experience allows Angel to comment on the state of the con scene in a way that always proves to be engaging and thoughtful.

Driven by a near superhuman love of life and a desperate need for Hideki Kamiya to notice him, Angel Mendez is a force to be reckoned with!


Supporting The Raven's Flock for years from the sidelines, KSTORM is a veteran cosplayer, performance artist and video game enthusiast. After officially joining the Flock in 2016, KStorm has offered a sense of well-meaning snark and soul to our shows.


Don't let her acerbic attitude fool you; KStorm has a huge heart for not only her family and friends, but for the cosplay world as well.  Her passion shows through in every outfit she dons, affirming irrefutably that cosplay and geek culture is meant to be a realm of enjoyment, whether you're a newcomer or a long-time contributor.

With the heart of a lioness and the claws to match, KStorm works side-by-side with The Raven's Flock, lighting the path like the lightning in the rain!

Casper Hignite


An uncompromising individual, CASPER HIGNITE is a cosplayer, actor and host of the YouTube podcast "The Thesperience". Casper is a talented teammate who is charged with helping spread the word of our motley crew's search for truth.


Casper was raised with horror movies, science fiction and general geekdom in his heart. He can keep pace with most anyone as far as trivia goes, but he prefers creating his own universes as a budding author, all while keeping his personal style changing to express his own creative journey.

While his journey is only just beginning, Casper has agreed to join The Raven's Flock and bring some much-needed style to our mission!

Juan Arauz


As one of the original Flockers, JUAN ARAUZ is a filmmaker, actor and photographer. Juan serves as the show's Director & Editor; when not wielding his camera skills to beautify the rest of The Raven's Flock, Juan hosts our podcast "#THEBLACKFILES".

Over the years, Juan has helped shape the philosophy of The Raven's Flock, acting as the practical counterpoint to Jose & Angel's more off-the-wall ideas, all without losing his sense of fun. If it helps to move the mission of the Flock further along without committing arson, Juan finds a way to make it happen.

Juan's desire is simple: If there's someone looking to speak the truth, like any member of The Raven's Flock, he would have his camera ready to roll!

Sean McNulty


Entering the convention scene with a keen eye, SEAN MCNULTY is an experienced photographer, as well as a bona fide anime enthusiast and an avid online gamer. A relative newcomer to The Raven's Flock, Sean is a tempered and insightful man.

Sean is experienced in different facets of convention operations, thus bringing a sense of objectivity to many issues where other members of the Flock might get lost in their passion. Being as savvy as he is, Sean continues to help our shows evolve into a more streamlined format, both topically and technologically.

As orderly as he may be, Sean has been known to be just as animated and fun-loving as anyone else in The Raven's Flock, all while keeping cooler than you!

Jeanette Cruz


Intelligent and imaginative, JEANETTE CRUZ is a part-time conventioneer and full-time lover of geekdom. Jeanette has joined The Raven's Flock as a multi-hyphenate teammate, conducting interviews, supporting the videography efforts and much more.


Jeanette has a sense of conviction that compliments the Flock perfectly; she is blessed with a focus and a drive to apply herself that most people wish they had. This sense of dedication has earned Jeanette the respect of every other member of the team. Jeanette is a reminder of the rewards of sticking with your goals right to the end.

Jeanette may be a relatively younger member of The Raven's Flock, but we cannot imagine our team without her!


Xeiana Rose


A talented player of the game, XEIANA ROSE is a cosplayer, actress and writer. Xeiana has years of experience in the cosplay community, giving her a perspective that comes in handy when discussing topics on our programs.


Xeiana Rose and her twin sister Dragon Fang grew up loving video games, anime and cosplay. She has an undeniable imagination, which drives her to succeed and come up with new story ideas and come up with inventive ways to express herself.

Xeiana Rose is full of life and that spark of joie de vivre is a welcome source of light that The Raven's Flock needs to hang on to while we continue to pursue our mission!

Dragon Fang

An amazing artist, DRAGON FANG is a cosplayer, actress and prolific gamer. She may share her appearances with her twin sister Xeiana Rose, but Dragon Fang is a whole 'nother creature, never short of an opinionated stance.


Don't let her cherubic appearance fool you; Dragon Fang has a fiery personality, giving her a strong sense of individuality and character. Dragon Fang loves fantasy video games and cosplaying abroad; her wanderlust guides her towards the sense of self  she's looking to forge.

Dragon Fang's verbal barbs and creativity are a perfect fit with The Raven's Flock, one that we are looking forward to teaming up with!


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