One Chapter Ends, Another Begins...

The Raven's Flock is a team that continuously evolves, determined to continue being the voice of the con community. That means that our roster changes every now and then, with some members moving on to greener pastures.

We honor our Former Flockers here, as they remind us that what's most important is to follow our own path, while remembering they will always have a place with us.

Tyler Holmes

Calm, collected, and rumored to fight dangerous animals for a living, TYLER HOLMES has been a committed member of The Raven's Flock since 2014. A fellow of few words, but poignant actions, Tyler makes an impact every time he appears on our shows.


Being as busy as he is, Tyler doesn't get to enjoy the convention scene as much as he would probably prefer. Whenever he does return to the fold, however, you'll always remember it! Tyler shares his passions for video games and manga with every member of the Flock, while offering deeper insight to issues most wouldn't think to consider.

Armed with wisdom beyond his years and no shortage of good humor, Tyler  continues to aid The Raven's Flock, even if only from the shadows!



A jet-setter and innovator, DEIMOS is an accomplished cosplayer, fashion designer & performance artist. Deimos journeys to more conventions than most people plan for in a year, earning them the title of "Queen Of The Raven's Flock"!

Deimos continuously breaks down the notions of "gender-appropriate" cosplay, designing incredible outfits for some of their favorite characters. Deimos regularly contributes to our shows, regaling everyone of their misadventures at conventions and offering an inside look at the work & dedication people put in for this art form.


Always on the move and keeping a good story or two in hand, Deimos continues to spread the good word of The Raven's Flock, all with the grace of true royalty!

Monica Lozada


Unfiltered and exciting, MONICA LOZADA is a cosplayer, artist and all-around fun nut! Monica's appearances with The Raven's Flock are sparse, but they can never be accused of being dull.


Monica is the epitome of juvenile eccentricity underneath a wise, womanly form. At the drop of a hat, Monica can shock you with an outlandish anecdote & then get you to laugh at something that shouldn't be considered funny, all while driving home powerful  yet simple aesops which most people in the convention scene fail to remember.

Wild yet intelligent, crazy but sane: this is the best way to describe Monica and her innate ability for commentary you can be inspired by!


Pixel Doll


A charming and dedicated being, PIXEL DOLL is a well-known cosplayer and performance artist. Pixel Doll contributes to The Raven's Flock as an occasional interviewer, bringing with her just shy of 10 years of convention experience.

Pixel Doll has performed in some of the most memorable stage shows hosted by conventions spanning the majority of  central Florida. These opportunities have earned Pixel Doll a great independent fan base, as well as a high level of respectability.  With all those accolades, Pixel Doll has agreed to aid The Raven's Flock in our journey.

As a person who has been granted so much from the geek world we all know and love, Pixel Doll endeavors to give back to it a bit at a time!


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