The Raven's Flock would like to offer you and your business the opportunity to reach more potential customers by purchasing advertising space on our programs!​ You have three programs to pick from:

  • The Raven's Flock - YouTube Program
    (One Episode = 1 Video)
    1 Episode                                                    $20.00 USD
    Los Amigos Play - YouTube Program

  • (One Episode = 1 Video)
    1 Episode                                                    $20.00 USD
    #THEBLACKFILES - Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Podcasts & SoundCloud, with a YouTube Release

  • (One Episode = 1 Recording) 
    1 Episode                                                    $20.00 USD

Advertising in any of our programs provides different advantages.

Our flagship program, The Raven's Flock, attracts the most viewership engagement. While our gaming program, Los Amigos Play, and our uncensored podcast, #THEBLACKFILES, offers more flexible pricing options.

Currently, we are only accepting payments through PayPal. Other payment options may become available in the future.

By purchasing advertising with The Raven's Flock, you are agreeing to the Advertisement Agreement, which you can read, download and save here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at

Thank you for considering advertising with The Raven's Flock!


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